Rooster Fest – $30

Rooster Fest will take place on July 2 from 11 am until late into the night. Tickets are good for the entirety of the festival and includes the outdoor, day portion and the indoor, evening portion. Bands include Greg Koch, Chris O’Leary Band, Cathy Grier… Read More »Rooster Fest – $30

Stephen Hull – $10

Experience the Blues through the heart and soul of Stephen Hull, self taught blues artist since age 14. Dubbed a young B.B. and Albert King. Stephen Hull Experience: RED ROOSTER:

Dylan Doyle Band

Southern born, Northern raised , Dylan Doyle has been steeped in everything from Bob Dylan, Wes Montgomery, and Bill Withers to John Prine, Jimi Hendrix, and The Band.  From this comes a unique musical interpretation that lies somewhere within the delta of Roots, Rock, and… Read More »Dylan Doyle Band

Valerie B & the Boyz

Valerie B. and the Boyz are a high- powered, high-energy band. They have their own musical flavor to cover Old- school Funk, Contemporary R&B, Blues, & Blues Rock. RED ROOSTER:

Tommy Bentz Band – $10

Van Morrison meets the Allman Brothers….That is one way to describe the sound of Tommy Bentz. After decades of playing and 5 releases to his name, Bentz is a seasoned musician. His latest album is titled “1000 Reasons.” TOMMY BENTZ: RED ROOSTER: