Foo Foo Dolls – $10

The Foo Foo Dolls are Wisconsin’s new 90’s alternative rock cover band. Featuring songs from Nirvana, Green Day, STP & more. FOO FOO DOLLS RED ROOSTER:

Don’t Spook The Horse

Our distinctive brand of Americana grows from twisting ancient folk songs and newer deep-cut covers and blending them with carefully crafted originals, all with plenty of space for improvisation. Simple is beautiful. Each voice contributes equally to the band’s wooden mélange. Singer/guitarist David Heuring (The… Read More »Don’t Spook The Horse

The Jimmys

Tickets available here.  The Jimmys is an award-winning festival favorite bringing people together from coast to coast, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean for over twelve years. The Jimmys feature band leader Jimmy Voegeli phenomenal Hammond B-3 keyboardist, singer and songwriter; an experienced killer rhythm section… Read More »The Jimmys