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Would you like to record your performance at the Red Rooster? We offer a number of different packages to choose from. We can record the audio directly from our mixing board (with mastering services available) and we have arrangements with local videographers to handle all your video needs as well. Here are some possible packages. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or want to discuss recording your performance. We’d be happy to try to design a package that fits your needs and is within your budget.

  • Basic Audio Package: We’ll record your performance with our standard array of mics and do some simple editing to help improve the balance and mix. (starts at $150)
  • High-End Recording and Mixing: We’ll set up additional mics and spend more time balancing and mixing to produce higher-quality audio files of your performance. This would be suitable for a live album release or for promotional purposes. (starts at $350)
  • Basic Video Package: Do you want simple, quality footage of your show, but you’re not looking for a fancy edited video? This package includes basic audio and video footage of your entire show, filmed in a still wide shot. The price includes filming, exporting, and transferring the footage. (starts at $250)
  • Upgraded Video Package: Are you looking for simple, quality footage of your show, but you want more than just a still wide shot? This package includes quality audio (more extensive mixing than in our basic video package), a still wide shot of your entire show, as well as dynamic medium shots and close-ups of the performers. We’ll throw in some short clips capturing highlights of your show that you can use on social media. The price includes filming, editing time, exporting, and transferring the footage. (starts at $750)
  • Promotional Video Package: This package includes a 2-3 minute promo video that captures the essence of your band or act, including a range of different shot scales both still and dynamic, footage of the venue, and the audience dancing/singing along! Our videographer edits every artist/band’s promo a little differently, depending on the feel of the music and the energy of the performance. The price includes filming and editing for a 2-3 minute promo video, mixing and mastering of your audio, exporting & sending the files to you, and making minor changes informed by your feedback along the way. We’ll also throw in some short clips capturing highlights of your performance. (starts at $1100)

About Our Videographers:

Gracie Wallner:

We have arrangements with other videographers in the area and would be happy to refer you to them as well.