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Don’t Spook the Horse

Red Rooster 2513 Seiferth Road, Madison, WI

Our distinctive brand of Americana grows from twisting ancient folk songs and newer deep-cut covers and blending them with carefully crafted originals, all with plenty of space for improvisation. Simple is beautiful. Each voice contributes equally to the band’s wooden mélange. Singer/guitarist David Heuring (The Resistance, The North Westerns) and Kevin Youngs (The Kissers) bonded… Read More »Don’t Spook the Horse

Ryan McGrath Band

Red Rooster 2513 Seiferth Road, Madison, WI

The Ryan McGrath Band will be at our first show for the second music season outside of Twisted Grounds on the east side of Madison. We’ll have an amazing drummer James LeFevre And amazing bassist and backup vocalist Pat Anderson. Music will be our standard fair of mix of originals that draw from blues, rock,… Read More »Ryan McGrath Band

Conspiracy Theory

Red Rooster 2513 Seiferth Road, Madison, WI

Conspiracy Theory is a talented musical duo composed of multi-instrumentalists, Jason Schultz and James Feuling. Red Rooster:

Blues Disciples – $10

Red Rooster 2513 Seiferth Road, Madison, WI

The Blues Disciples have been bringing their Blues to the people of the  local clubs in the Milwaukee area and the Midwest region since 1990.  Founded by "Barefoot" Jimmy Schwarz with  the intent of remaining true to the influences of the Chicago electric  blues era of the '50's and 60's. Influenced initially by the likes… Read More »Blues Disciples – $10

Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal – $10

Red Rooster 2513 Seiferth Road, Madison, WI

Night after night at their live shows, Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal leave it all on the table, bringing crowds palpably authentic music. This is a real working band; music for the people, by the people. You hear the veracity in Hoyer’s voice. You hear the strife of a guitar amp being pushed to its… Read More »Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal – $10

Pierre Lee Band – $10

Red Rooster 2513 Seiferth Road, Madison, WI

Pierre “Mr. Untouchable” Lee is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who’s Dynamic stage presence and energy will Electrify any audience Pierre is a nationally traveled artist and musician who has played with blues and soul greats like Gorgeous George Stancell, Jerome Durham, Jimmy Burns, and has recently shared the stage with Blues Legend John Primer. Pierre… Read More »Pierre Lee Band – $10

Soggy Prairie

Red Rooster 2513 Seiferth Road, Madison, WI

Soggy Prairie has the five-piece instrumentation of a traditional bluegrass band, but don’t call them traditional. With a mix of bluegrass standards, modern takes on country and Americana, and original music, Soggy Prairie puts on a show that demonstrates the versatility and broad appeal of string music. Formed in 2002 in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, the… Read More »Soggy Prairie

Mighty Ms. Erica – $10

The Mighty Ms. Erica grew up in a family full of musicians watching rehearsals and gigs. Her father is an avid record collector of the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s Blues and Soul music. Through those records Erica was exposed to and inspired by artists such as Linda Jones, Denise LaSalle, Gladys Knight, and Etta… Read More »Mighty Ms. Erica – $10

Gabe Stillman – $15

The Gabe Stillman Band hits the stage in high gear and only goes higher as they embrace all corners of American Roots Music with their impromptu selection of original gems and carefully chosen covers. Since landing in the final 8 of the 35 th Annual International Blues Challenge in Memphis TN, and further honored as… Read More »Gabe Stillman – $15

Justin Raudebush Album Release Party – $5

Justin will be performing his new album "In a Place," live with members of the Mannish Boys for a portion of the show. Come celebrate this album release with Justin.

Joe Stamm Band – $5

Red Rooster 2513 Seiferth Road, Madison, WI

Joe Stamm Band’s newest country-rock album is as brutally authentic as the Midwestern plains and people that inspire these songs. A year-round working musician, Stamm has become something of an anthropologist of the tiny towns dotting middle America. Thanks to his fondness for this so-called flyover country, and his crew of down-home troubadours, Stamm has… Read More »Joe Stamm Band – $5

Kikeh Mato Afro Pop

Red Rooster 2513 Seiferth Road, Madison, WI

Mandjou Mara brings his experience and expertise as a griot (praise singer) and djembefola (master drummer) to contemporary music with his Afro-pop group Kikeh Mato. Noting the power of the moon to provide solace, inspiration, and hope, the traditional role of the griot, Mandjou named his group Kikeh Mato meaning "look at the moon." Continuing… Read More »Kikeh Mato Afro Pop

Kelly Jackson Band – $10

Red Rooster 2513 Seiferth Road, Madison, WI

Kelly Jackson is an international award winning Native American artist. Her edgy and soulful pieces have decorated stages across the US. Ms. Jackson’s genre is Native Americana, having roots in folk, jazz, country, hip/hop and rock all infused with native influences such as drums, shakers, bells and the majestic sound of the native flute. She composes… Read More »Kelly Jackson Band – $10

Kyle Renfro – $10

Classic, new, and original Blues Rock power trio! For fans of: Jimi Hendrix Stevie Ray Vaughan Eric Clapton

Northside Heat – $5

Red Rooster 2513 Seiferth Road, Madison, WI

Northside Heat will be digging deep into '60s reggae and ska grooves. Red Rooster:

Blues Jam

Red Rooster 2513 Seiferth Road, Madison, WI

FishFest – $10

Red Rooster 2513 Seiferth Road, Madison, WI

This event is organized and produced by our friend, Steve "Fish" Fischer. It'll be a full day of Rock with some fantastic area bands. $10 cover with no cover for the afterparty indoors: Backyard Party: Gates open at 1 2:00 - the eMpTy Vees 3:30 - Iggy Rae and his band 5:00 - The Playground… Read More »FishFest – $10

WERQ/Turn-up Dance Fitness – $10

The most effective workout is the one you love! Instructors Nicole, Alison, and Melissa will do a mash-up of the wildly addictive dance formats WERQ and Turn-up. Get ready to dance, sweat, and turn on your sass appeal under the glowing lights at the Rooster! Featuring a mix of the hottest current hip-hop, pop, and… Read More »WERQ/Turn-up Dance Fitness – $10

Outside the Blues

Red Rooster 2513 Seiferth Road, Madison, WI

Outside the Blues is a Madison-based Blues & Rock band composed of experienced musicians who have played in various bands over the years.